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Durbanville Sanitary & Plumbing was established in 1999 and acquired by Tom Hollenberg in 2006.

Being a frequent customer to the original Durbanville Sanitary & Plumbing supplies Tom saw the potential of this type of business in the Northern Suburbs and saw it was missing a few key elements which could make it an even longer standing success in the market place. This is where the addition of Durbanville Tiles was established soon after the reopening. There for putting the additional meaning behind the one stop shop. The business grew very quickly to which the separate departments called for their own spaces, that was when the showroom & plumbing store was born.

Although they definitely work hand in hand it was an easier shopping experience for the very two distinct customer types. With the permanent addition of his daughter Candace D’Amore to the business in 2007, after the completion of her Bachelor of Business degree, this business really took on the full meaning of a family business.
“Behind the success of every small business, there is a family” could not be more true to this company unit.

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